About CWF:

Country Wood Flooring started its wood flooring business proud with COUNTRY WOOD FLOORING brand, as an importer and distributor since 1999.

For more than 20 years and still counting, our flooring has been installed in numerous of Americans homes and commercial buildings across the US, with added value and lasting beauty. And our exceptional service is highly appraised by retailers and consumers nationwide.

At Country Wood Flooring, we highly value and respect your business as a Long-term Investment, as same as every homeowner does with his (her) new floors.

Most importantly, we will constantly looking for ways to serve our customers better- working hard to keep pace with the changes in our industry and the world around us.

Mission Statement:

Quality is always the No. 1 goal of Country Wood Flooring.

We understand the quality is the foundation of success. To ensure this No. 1 goal, we have been working closely with our manufacturing partners for whole process steps, like pre-select the raw logs, supervise the kiln dry processing before milling and finishing with standards and grades beyond the industry's ordinary. There are independent QC inspectors report directly with CWF, have been personally stay in manufacturing facilities, to monitor the whole processes of flooring production.

Action of Service:

SERVICE is not only expressed by prints, is an action. The actions taken by CWF for our retailers and consumers are quick response, prompt delivery, availability of stocks and always stand behind our products.

Green procurement:

Country Wood Flooring provides high quality, beautiful and healthy flooring products by acquiring raw materials only with selectively harvested timber that from ecologically well-managed forests. We always work very closely with our manufacturing partners and suppliers who practice sustainable forestry in their timber procuring and flooring processing.

Lacey Act:

The Lacey Act, originally signed into law in 1900, is a conservation law that focuses on the illegal commercial transportation of wildlife and non-native species. In May 2008 a new bill (Section 8204) extended provisions to the Lacey Act to address the global illegal logging trade. The Lacey Act makes it unlawful to import, export, transport, sell, receive, acquire, or purchase in interstate or foreign commerce any wood that comes from illegally logged trees.

Country Wood Flooring supports and abides by the Lacey Act to ensure its customers the finest wood flooring products with environmentally friendly measures. All products sold by CWF are Lacey Act compliant.


For better in-door air quality, all our engineered hardwood products are both compliant with California Air Resources Board's (CARB) formaldehyde emissions standard Phase 1 and Phase 2, and EPA TSCA Title VI

For more information, visit CARB at Here or EPA TSCA Title VI Here